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King & Queen Home Decoration

King-Queen Resin Half-Length Portrait showpiece garnishes on a sweet platter

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Canada and United States, all are flourished in the festival of Thanksgiving. It is the festive season to show their gratitude towards family, friends and relatives. Celebrated wholeheartedly and spiritually, this is a chance to show their love in many ways such as inviting them for dinner or by offering gifts. In preparation of the festival, you did not get the chance to buy a present for your loved ones but don’t worry, this master piece is specially handcrafted for such occasions.

Every house speaks story of its owners, its taste and preferences as well as the trend goes on making most of the object as DIY. This king and queen resin half show piece speaks a great deal of Mr and Mrs of the house and their royalty .With all the articles present in your house, this King-Queen showpiece adds as garnish on a sweet platter. After all, it’s the look that matter. The captivating show piece is a great choice to decorate your home in a new style of interior decoration.

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