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Lady Boss Pink Coffee Mug


Amuse her with this mug and show who the real boss is!

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Show everybody who’s the real boss with this pink coffee mug with “Boss Lady” print. Often times, people get mugs for birthday presents and even souvenirs whenever they travel in different places. What makes mugs really popular as a gift is that it comes in different shapes, colors, designs and sizes but still is able to use it for a particular purpose. You can drink your favorite hot coffee, organize your pens on the table or even use it as a display at home. There are actually a lot of people who collects different mugs and have them sit on their specially made cabinets to show their collections.

Perfect for the Ladies

However, for this particular pink mug, it would be a perfect birthday gift for women who could be your real boss at the office or someone who seems to be the boss even at home. I like the idea of giving it to my mom as dad would always say that mom usually have the final words. Although he would usually say that it’s a joke, I think jokes are really half meant. The pink color makes the mug really perfect for a woman who gives an impression of being kind, warm and really delicate, but when you see what’s printed on it, I guess people would have to think twice.boss-lady-cup

It’s well made

The mug is made of ceramic material that can hold 11oz of liquid in it. It’s great for both hot and cold drinks so it doesn’t really matter whatever you want to sip in depending on your mood. The prints on the mug are well made too, since it is also dishwasher safe, you don’t have to worry about losing its design with washing over time. If you are looking for a nice meaningful gift that also makes a statement, this pink “boss Lady” coffee mug would be a great choice. Give it to the women that you know would appreciate it and maybe have a good laugh upon reading what’s printed on it as well.

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