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LED message alarm clock

led message board clock

Alarm clock, message board and night lamp all in one!

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Alarm clocks are part of our daily lives. Most of us used to have the old school type where in you are guaranteed to wake up because of the loud ring it gives. However, as people turn to their mobile phones lately, getting a nice a alarm clock means that it has to be somewhat unique and be able to showcase other things to in order to be appreciated, otherwise, most of us would just stick to our mobile devices. The Romantic Luminous LED Fluorescent Message Board made by Pesp is definitely on genius product that is really nice to have on your bedside table or even at your office desktop. It is more than just an alarm clock. It allows you to write your personalized message on the see through board with a fluorescent pencil which makes it look like it glows in the dark when the light is lit. Yes, there’s more to it, it’s also a night lamp!led message alarm clock

For its message board feature, you can write short messages that the person who will wake up to it can read. Easily remove the message by using a wet cloth afterwards if you wanted to write a different note or maybe a cute drawing for the kids.

On the other hand, it being a clock is also helpful. It shows digital time where in you can choose to have it on 12 hour or 24 hour mode. Even the temperature can be on Celsius and Fahrenheit as well. there are also 3 groups of alarm and a snooze function, just as what most of us need when we wanted to stay in bed a little bit more. As a night lamp, it provides enough amount of light for the room. You can also either charge it using a USB cable charger or use 3x AAA batteries. The only advantage of having it plugged would be that the light would stay on as long as you alarm clock

It also makes a great birthday gift idea for your loved ones. I’m planning to get this as a present for my kid so that she could get used to reading time as well as use it at night as a lamp. The idea of me writing on the board is also something to look forward to which I know my kids would love to do too.message love alarm clock

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