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Lekue Pasta Cooker


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What would one feel upon receiving a functional birthday gift that can be used conveniently in the kitchen for cooking pastas? It would be a delicious treat to the birthday celebrant, especially when he or she gets this Lekue Pasta Cooker where washing, cooking and draining the pasta are done all in one container. If before it is time consuming to prepare noodle dishes because you need to boil water first, this time, you can skip that step and go ahead with your pasta preparation.

One can simply put the pasta inside the vessel to cook them in the microwave. There’s no need to worry about water overflowing in the microwave while cooking because the Lekue Pasta Cooker is specially designed to prevent this from happening. Simply follow the instructions found on the pasta box and your spaghettis, noodles, fresh pastas, or short pastas can now be cooked fast and easy. It has an artistically designed strainer to separate the water from the pasta, once cooked. After use, the vessel can be placed safely in the dishwasher as it is made of plastic and 100% platinum silicone material.

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