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Light Up Your Toilet Seats!


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During your deep sleep at night, there are times when you will suddenly feel the need to go to the bathroom and take a pee. But as you reach the bathroom and turn on the lights, you suddenly feel irritated by those bright lights that hurt the eye while not turning it on may lead to some accidents. This is true for a lot of people including me. When you’re all sleepy, taking a few steps to the toilet feels forever especially if you’re too lazy or tired and just wanted to get back to bed right away. And as you turn on the light in the bathroom, it sometimes makes you lose that moment of getting back to sleep right away.

Luckily, there could be a solution to it. This toilet sensor motion activated by Solmore eliminates the need to turn on your bright lights whenever you have to go. As it senses your presence, it will automatically turn on using its different colored dim light which will light up the toilet seat instead. Yes, that is right! Now your toilet seats can sport different colors at night and not be bothered by the bathroom lights.toilet-led-seat-color-light

Setting up the Solmore toilet lamps is very easy. What you only need would be to insert 3 pieces of batteries and adjust the arm which will serve as your hook for the seat. The arm is fully flexible which makes it compatible to most toilet seats of different sizes. It has 2 color modes to choose from, the static and the color changing.  Out of the 8 colors available, you may choose if you wanted to see only one color all the time or have the multiple colors alternately. The light stays on for 2 minutes which you can extend by waving your hands to the sensor so it will turn on again. This feature conserves the battery so that it can provide longer time of use.toilet-light-led

This item is a perfect unique birthday gift especially if you have kids at home. I would surely enjoy it as a night lamp or maybe use in different parts of the house such as the stairs, corridors and everywhere else that you think it might be useful.

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