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Lion Mane Costume for Dogs


Make your dogs look more adorable with these lion mane wig!

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Dogs have become a part of the family for many generations. They make us happy all the time especially those who have learned some tricks which makes owners really proud. We often bring them with us if possible and even put on some dog clothes that look great on them. Although there are many clothes that are available to choose from, there are actually great costumes that look great on them too.

I remember during Halloween, the kids and some adults are not the only ones who prepare their costumes during trick or treat; I also see some dogs walking around with their owners, sporting some of the coolest attire that you can think of. With that said, this lion mane costume is something to consider as well as you can transform your lovely dog in to a ferocious lion looking especially if they are a huge type of

One of our neighbors has a few dogs in their house and there are times that they would bring them to the park complete with their nice getups. The lion mane is worn like a wig; it can fit most dogs’ neck from 60 cm to 80 cm. it is made of fur and polyester and is durable. This lion wig can be washed after use to maintain its cleanliness and realistic look.

Aside from the lion wig, you will also get a lion’s tail in the package. This makes the costume look more real. I can already imagine how cool it would be seeing a person walking around with a pet lion. I bet your dog will also feel good about himself wearing it.

If you are looking for a specific item who loves their pet dogs, this lion wig could be one to consider as a unique birthday gift for the owner. Unless of course the dog is celebrating his birthday too then might as well hand it to him in person. And remember, if you order this specific item, makes sure to check if the lion’s tail is also included, otherwise the manufacturer will have your payment refunded.

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