Livescribe 3 Smartpen


Smart by name, as well as, by nature! A must for students!

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Livescribe Smartpen digitizes your hand-writing in an innovative way. A perfect partner that goes hand in hand like Assistants and PA.

It’s a blessing to reporters as it digitizes the handwriting, and sync the ink via mobile app.

In case to write down the notes, get rid of the double typing on your laptops.

It retells you the moments exactly when you capture it with date, time and place. It will be a great surprise to your loved ones when they will receive a handmade card in your own writing.

This livescribe smart pen solves your acute problems. Also, you can use this to email urgently just sync it with this marvellous gadget and your work will be done in minutes.


Think smart , write smart!



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