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Lovepop Cards: Simply Awesome!


A very creative card and a must to accompany your birthday gift!

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Cards are staples during occasions. People love giving all kinds of cards for birthday celebrators, relatives during Christmas; loved ones on Valentine’s Day or just about any time of the year that you feel like making others feel special and important. In fact, cards can even be used to say thank you or as an invite for weddings, baptismal, house warming, and more. Indeed, they can serve numerous purposes and when it comes to cards, no other company does it better than Lovepop.

What is Lovepop?
If you think a Lovepop card is no different from other pop-up cards in the market, then you’re obviously wrong. In this era where you can just buy any generic or traditional cards anywhere or even send electronic ones, you may think giving someone a pop-up card is not that special. However, this is not true with Lovepop cards because they’re more than just the regular cards. What makes them pop is the fact that each Lovepop card is designed by naval engineers who use the best software. They then hand-craft each design using sliceform kirigami. The result? Very intricate and delicate 3D paper sculptures!


How did it start?
Lovepop was founded by two besties, Wombi Rose and John Wise. They went to Webb Institute where they trained to be naval architects. They went to Vietnam where they discovered these astounding hand-crafter paper cards which became their inspiration when they returned home to Boston. They gave some of these cards to their friends, family and even strangers and watched their reaction. The looks on these people’s faces when they opened the pop cards were priceless. And that’s how Lovepop was born.

Mixing art and Science
Perhaps what makes Lovepop cards different is in the way each card is created. The company is composed of a team of engineers and designers who use art and science in making each card. When it comes to designs, they use an advanced ship design software and later hand-assemble every single one of them.

lovepopcardWhat they offer
Lovepop cards offer all kinds of cards. For instance, there are seasonal cards for Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. They also have cards for occasions like wedding, birthdays, and welcoming new babies. They have all kinds of themes too ranging from animals, floral, and boats. In addition, they offer romantic cards, thank you cards, and even those you can give to people you’re sympathizing with. They have special offers too such as card packs and their new releases among others.

Prices and Shipping
Prices vary depending on the designs and sizes. They can also make custom cards based on your ideas. In fact, the Lovepop team considers their customers as their inspiration in creating their unique cards. Meanwhile, they charge an extra $5 for lovepopcardhandwritten messages. Lovepop stores are located in key places like the railway station, office lobbies, malls, and online too! If you prefer to shop online, no worries because Lovepop will have your card shipped free of charge!

What more can you ask for? Whether you want a surprisingly lovely and intricately designed card for your partner or to a friend who needs some cheering up, Lovepop has you covered. It has everything you need to express your love!

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