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Magical Fireshooter On your Wrist


Be A Superhero with This Super Cool Pyro Mini Fireshooter

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If you’ve got a colleague who dreams to be a superhero or likes to entertain people in your workplace, you have a wonderful birthday gift option from Ellusionist. The Pyro mini that shoots real fire is something your workmate will be elated to receive during his birthday. He can show off his magical powers as he straps this fireshooter on his wrist and shoots fireballs to as far as 10 feet into the air from his empty hand. The Pyro Mini, which can be worn like a watch, can be recharged using USB connection. He can even impress his audience even more because this Pyro Mini can be controlled remotely as far as 30 feet away.

There are free 120 shots included with the item. Per load, two fireballs are shot and when both barrels become empty, it can be reloaded for more shots. The barrels have “flash” paper, a tissue-like paper that was treated specially for quick burning, which most magicians also use. It is safe but since real fire is shot from the Pyro Mini, users are advised to carefully watch the comprehensive instructional video.

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