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Magnetic Smartphone Mount


Universal mobile phone mount that’s perfect for a gift!

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Since almost all people already have their own mobile phones, what better gift ideas can you think of other than phone cases or rings? How about a sturdy smartphone mount that could secure the phone regardless of where you put it?

Perchmount Fit created this Magnetic Mount that is universal and easy to use. It is made of durable plastic and feels sturdy every time you need to mount your phone during workout. Take photos or videos of your exercise routines while not worrying about drops or even spills since your phone can be put in to the safest place where the base magnet can be attached.

On the other hand, users are not limited to its magnet feature. For those who don’t have any metal surface to attach it on will still find the Perchmount Fit still useful. Its base has a self-adhesive tape that you can place anywhere when there’s no metal available. One of the most common places where you can use it would be on your car’s dashboard to make sure that your phone stays in place. I personally use the mount more often in the kitchen whenever I need to play some music while cooking or browsing some of the recipes that I would like to try next. It’s actually a perfect gift for mothers or sisters who might have a good use for it not only in the kitchen but also in some other places that they might need it.

The magnetic mount is also easy to use as you only have to clip your phone to it. You can either use the magnets or the base with adhesives, either way; it will help you a lot than by thinking about where you can place your phone safe or who can hold it for you.

The Perchmount Fit magnetic mount is fully compatible with smartphones like iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 plus. It can also support other mobile phone brands such as HTC, Samsung, Nokia as well as Sony. If you have a mom or a sister that is about to have her birthday soon, this could be a great birthday gift for her especially if you know that they love to watch make up tutorials on their mobile phones!

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