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Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System – Safety with style!

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For the perfect accessory for your bike, invest on “The Best Bike Lighting System in the World”, as voted by Men’s Journal Magazine—The Revolights Skyline Bicycle System. This lighting system is equipped with 24 equally spaced bright LEDs, with 8 on at any given moment. These are designed to protect you and your bike. How? Revolights’ LED are attached to the bike’s spokes and has a little distance with each other to project light. The headlights in front illuminate the path and the taillights at rear indicate when you hit the brakes and alert tailing traffic that you are slowing down your speed. The lights create an arc visible at 360 degrees so that it can be seen at any angle.

Revolights would be a great help to your bike and for you from thieves as it is made with a unibody construction designed for maximum theft resistance. Since this Revolights consists of LEDs, it is powered by two Lithium-Ion batteries which are USB rechargeable and it can last up to 4 hours. Compatibility is not an issue because this Revolights is compatible with most road and hybrid bikes with 700c or Vintage 27 inch wheels that have regularly spaced spoke pattern in a multiple of four.

Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Lighting System Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Lighting System

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