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Meet Your BFF Robot: MeccaNoid


Now you can build your own Robot! Give it a shot!

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You don’t have to be Anakim or Luke to have your own personal robot, which can also be your best buddy. With Meccano’s MeccaNoid G15 KS, you and your kids can build your very own robot and play with it. It is ideal for children 10 years old and above. This robot has a built-in voice recognition program and with over one thousand phrases that you can even exchange jokes with it. You can download the free app from iStore or Google Play as it can work with iOS and Android gadgets.

When you piece this robot together, it stands at four feet tall, with parts that are fully operational. It has life-like limbs that can do realistic movements through its 10 motors. This robot has the capability of capturing your movements and mimicking them. It can even do dance moves! The robot is powered by a battery and it comes with a charger. Get the whole family together and start building your own MeccaNoid G15 KS.

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