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Mini Espresso Maker On-The-Go

minipresso espresso maker

Never miss a day without your espresso shot with this MiniPresso

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Men sometimes get hard to please when it comes to giving them presents. Most of the time you are down with only two choices, something that they really wanted, which are most of the time expensive, or something that they will find very useful. Unlike women, we would appreciate a note, some accessories, something pink or purple or maybe a gift card from Target or Amazon and surely a big smile on the face would appear right away.

Luckily, I was able to see this mini espresso maker by Wacao and it immediately caught my attention. If there’s one thing that my man would not want to miss during breakfast, it would be a nice cup of coffee. While we do have a coffee maker at home, I thought that it would be great to give him his own espresso maker that he can bring anywhere as he moat of the time craves for it too, especially at work.minpresso birthday gift for friends

The MiniPresso GR provides a shot of espresso when you want it and where you want it. Its size is compact which makes it easy to place inside a bag or inside the car when traveling. It does not need any batteries or electricity to make it work. By simply putting the ground coffee, hot water and manual pumping, you will be able to enjoy your very own shot of espresso in just a matter of few minutes.

Creating your espresso with the MiniPresso GR is very simple. You will have to disassemble the product which will give you 4 pieces. The filter basket where you place the ground coffee, the main housing where you can manually press and holds the hot water and two caps at both ends where in one will be used to fill in the espresso and make it ready to drink. The MiniPresso GR has to be inverted when pumping; this is best done with a pre-heated espresso cup to enjoy more of your shot.

The MiniPresso GR espresso maker is a great birthday gift for dads who loves to have their espresso shot at home or on the go. You can even have one at home to offer your guest or simple make some for the family as well.

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