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Minimalist Stylish Watering Can


Water your plants using this stylish can that can also serve as a home décor!

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Having plants at home is one way of contributing to our environment as well as being able to grow your own flowers and greens that you may harvest for personal use. My mom would have a tiny garden at her backyard which she never fails to check as she has developed a love for her plants over the years. We have tomatoes, basils and some herbal plants which she use for cooking and as well as teas. The flowers were also mesmerizing to look at especially when they are in full bloom, gives you a beautiful sight to see every time you visit them in the morning.

Taking care of your plants

Aside from sunlight, watering your plants is also very important especially during the season where in it’s really dry or sunny. We have used different watering cans at home and it’s something that my mom would usually shop for when she feels like using one instead of watering hose. I was able to grow some at my home and taught the kids how to take care of them too. They love watering them in the morning and observe how the flowers blossom as well.watering can stylish aquawater

There are actually a lot of choices of watering cans that you can select from when shopping for one. And since it comes in different sizes, you can choose whether you wanted something smaller but lighter to use or a bigger one but tend to be heavy when the water is full. In my case, we could settle for the smaller one especially that we don’t have much yet plus smaller sizes are easier for the kids to use.

Minimalist and stylish

Was looking for a watering can online and came across this Eva Solo AquaStar Watering Can that’s really nice. It contains about 2 liters of water with every refill which is just about the right amount for our use. From the first impression, it would look like an inverted funnel but it is actually what makes this watering can really look special and attractive. Its minimalist design makes it great for storing it indoors as it would also make a nice décor in the kitchen or garage. The spout is made of plastic chrome and looks elegant. The spout is also removable and makes it easy for you to check if it needs some cleaning.

The body of this watering can comes in two colors which are lime and gray and they both look modish. I’m thinking that it would be a great birthday gift for moms who loves to spend some time in their gardens and take care of their plants.

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