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Modern FishHotel Aquarium


Super Cool Artsy Aquarium for Your Finned Pets by Umbra

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The Umbra FishHotel Aquarium is an ideal birthday gift for a colleague who loves to care for these finned animals. The modern design matches well with the contemporary interiors of a condominium. Since the aquarium can be stacked on top of the other, it saves space and makes viewing the fishes easy and fun. Plus, they don’t have to bump to each other as they will have their respective fish rooms. It’s like a fish condominium in itself. The aquarium measures 7.5 inches on all sides and 8 inches tall, something that can be placed in the living room or kitchen top.

The glass square vessel has a removable ABS white plastic shell that can be painted on. This Teddy Luong designed aquarium is an award-winning piece, which is a beautiful adornment at home or in the office. The asymmetrical windows add a touch of quirkiness and fun to the whole look of the aquarium. The glass container can be removed so that cleaning comes with ease. Your officemate will be ecstatic to have a modern home for his pet fishes and will be extremely grateful by your birthday gift.

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