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Moonwalk In An Space Suit Sweatshirt

vintage astronaut sweatshirt birthday gift

Suit Up With A Vintage Sweater

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Do you fancy yourself walking on the moon’s surface with an Astronaut suit? Now you can walk through your neighborhood wearing a space suit minus the bulk and the complexities of an actual one with Fusion’s “Vintage Astronaut” Printed Sweater. The design is original and the print is vivid and sturdy. The designers make sure that the sweatshirt was sewn and printed in the highest quality, plus attention was given to every detail. You can run your fingers on the fabric because it is soft and pleasurable to touch.

With 45% fleece, 45% polyester, and 10% elastane, the sweatshirt provides maximum clothing comfort. It has a practical cut and universal style that makes it suitable to both men and women. These shirts are somewhat larger than the actual size. Please refer to the size table on the dimensions per size. For an affordable price of $79, you can don this sweater and do your own version of a moonwalk.

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