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Motorized Solar System


Light up your room with this magnificent sun and planet modal…

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While the kids are still young, most would say that it would be the perfect time to educate them with values and information that they can use as they grow older. I for one believe that this is true and I try to incorporate as much as I can while my kids are still able to absorb as much as they can too.

With that said, having some home decors that may have a purpose of learning too is definitely a great idea especially when you have kids at home. The Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar System would be a perfect item for any household especially your kids’ room. It is motorized so the planets can move around the sun. The size of the 8 planets is realistic while the dwarf planet Pluto is also included.

Your kids may have particular interests about science or maybe dreams about traveling the space, the GeoSafari Motorized Solar System will definitely able to make their imagination work and learn more about the planet and how they surround the sun. Some may even end up being astronauts as most kids nowadays have better idea and can actually do a lot of

The sun itself has ultra-bright 1000-hour light bulb that makes the orbiting planets look amazing. It can be powered by using either 4 batteries or using the AC adapter. It works as a projector as well especially when used in a dark room as the rods comes in black and disappear which makes the planets float. Watch it as it reveals the solar system in to the room’s wall and ceiling and be amazed of spectacular effects. It would be a great tool as well especially for doing research and projects as

The center of this solar system is made of sturdy material that holds all the planets and the light bulb itself. It would be a great birthday gift idea for kids as they will be able to understand more about the solar system and support their curiosity while discovering new things. Have this also as a house centerpiece and surely your visitors will be in awe to see its magnificent design.

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