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Must Have Barefoot Soles


Protect your feet with these stick-on foot soles!

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Our feet do a lot of function every day which makes it just right to ensure that they are always protected. Of course we have shoes and slippers to wear but there are times that they might not be the perfect covering in all situations. Search no more! These stick-on foot pads provide great protection for everyone’s feet especially during the summer.

Your Best Summer Accessory

Walk on the sand, swim in the waters or just simply go outdoors without putting on any shoes or slippers. These FSCOOL Barefoot Soles sticks on your feet and is even invisible as it covers only your soles. They are completely waterproof and have an anti-slip feature which makes it the next best thing to wear when you go to the beach or the pool. The sticky pads stays on your feet well so you can make sure that you can use it for hours and even provides great comfort.Stick-on-pads-for-barefeet-1

Made with Quality

The FSCOOL Barefoot Soles are made to stick to your soles even for a day or two! All products are checked for quality before they are even shipped to the customers. It comes in different sizes as well as colors so that you can make sure that there is one that fits you perfectly. They are very flexible which makes it possible to move around as if you are not wearing anything at all. And since they are also heat resistant, walking on the sand and even rocks during summer would not give any uncomfortable feeling to its user.Stick-on-pads-for-barefeet-3

Everyone Can Use It!

These sticky soles would be a perfect birthday gift for women and men who love to go outdoors. For those with smaller sizes, the FSCOOL Barefoot Soles can be easily trimmed to fit you perfectly. Cleaning them are also very easy while its size makes it trouble free to pack or travel with. Some may also find it useful when going to the spa; it keeps your feet clean and ensures that you don’t slip at all!Stick-on-pads-for-barefeet-2

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