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Must Have Bathroom Toilet Stool

stool for toilet

A bathroom toilet stool that promotes better posture for everyone

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It has already been proven that instead of sitting, squatting promotes better body posture when using the toilet. Since this is how the body is designed, many people find the great benefits of using toilet stools. Among many other products available, what separates this product from the others would be its design which is both comfortable and elegant.

Adjustable, Best for multiple users

In a single household, we cannot expect everyone to have the same height or size; while the same thing goes for different toilet designs. Because of this, a bathroom toilet stool that can support different users will make it easier to use and still get the same healthier results when in the bathroom. The NadiaLabs Turbo Bathroom Toilet Stool can be adjusted by moving your feet forward or backward. Since the heel part is elevated, you will be able to position your feet to the most comfortable position that you need.toilet-stool-3

Healthier Option

The NadiaLabs Turbo Bathroom Toilet Stool works by aligning your posture to your colon for better elimination. It also offers a modular massager that makes the bathroom experience even more relaxing. And since it promotes the correct position, you will definitely find it very helpful for your health.toilet-stool-4

Easy Storage

Designed to fit most toilet base, storing it under the toilet is made very simple and easy. It fits most toilets with 10 inch diameter or less. This means that you don’t have to find a different spot when it’s not in use, simply pull it out and adjust according to your height to use and just push back when you are done. This toilet stool from NadiaLabs is made of very durable plastic that makes it last for a long time. It weighs about 2.5 pounds and is easy to carry whenever you need to.toilet-stool-2

If you are currently looking for a unique birthday gift idea, considering this toilet stool would be highly recommended as it promotes a healthy way of living. It could be for your parents, siblings or anyone else since it will definitely work for everyone.toilet-stool-1

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