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Must Have Sleepwear for Women

what to wear during sleep

Find the best, stylish and comfortable sleepwear for women

Do you sleep on pajamas and find it really comfy? Or are you one of the many people who prefer to sleep naked especially if you do have a boyfriend or husband?

Women from around the world have their own favorites when it comes to what they wear during sleep time. Some wanted almost everything covered up while some would prefer otherwise, not wearing anything at all. There are so many options for women’s sleepwear that you can choose from nowadays, they even find it better sleeping with their man’s huge t-shirts and just wear some shorts or panties underneath. If you are currently still undecided on what to wear every night, and still looking for the best outfit when sleeping, here are some different sleepwears for women that you would definitely love to choose from.


Wearing pajamas are common to most ladies in so many places. It’s probably the most comfortable that you can wear if you wanted most of your skin covered. However, not all pajamas are made of the same fabric and the most popular choice would be cotton made. Considering the weather also matters, since some women prefer to wear silks, this would not be recommended during the hot seasons. You may also want to wear a nice thin shirt for your tops and still use a pair of your favorite pajamas.

Lazy One Women Pajamas Turtley Awesome


Felling sexy and wanted to flaunt a stylish sleepwear? Nightgowns are definitely your pick. A lot of ladies have at least a few of this sleepwear while some even have their own collection. If you are wondering what to wear when sleeping with your boyfriend or husband, I think the best would be a nightgown that your partner would really love. It could be a lace type or a simpler type of fabric that you wanted to wear but what really matters is that you are comfortable with it and can sleep well at night. Also, nightgowns are best to wear during honeymoons too or even some romantic vacation where in you are alone with your man and wanted to look really seductive. I guess that’s the reason why men would also consider this as gifts for their women; after all, they are the ones who would really be happy to see it.

night-gownDreams & Co. Women’s Cotton Knit Gown

Boy Shorts or Boxer Shorts

These types of short are usually made of cotton and are really comfortable all throughout the day. I myself wear them with my favorite long cotton t shirts and I just love how they feel on my body. However, if you are planning to wear it on colder seasons, they may not be at all advisable as you will definitely feel colder, but for the rest of the season, these comfortable sleepwear for women are must haves too!


Sweat Shirt and Sweat Pants

Sweat shirts and pants are just really awesome to have. You don’t have to worry about waking up early to answer the door and totally forgetting about your robe. Since most of your body is covered too, wearing this pair is also best if you are going to spend the night outdoors or somewhere else wherein there may be other people sleeping with you. If you will be using this for colder seasons, you can still have an inner shirt since most sweatshirts are somehow loose.


This ladies sleepwear also tops the most popular especially during summer seasons. Not only chemises are easy to wear and very comfortable indeed, you can also use them for inner wear. Basically, these are similar to nightgowns only they are more revealing. However, the only thing you have to worry about is waking up wearing only this and forgetting to put on your robes, so make sure you always have them beside your bed.chemise-nightgown-woman

Wearing Nothing

There have been studies lately that sleeping wearing nothing may have some health benefits too. However, some people, or women to be precise, may find it easy to just sleep naked given the circumstances that they may not have enough privacy at home or may maybe the weather may not permit them to do so. If you wanted to try it and not go full blown, you may try wearing just panties that are comfortable enough maybe see for yourself if you can still have good night sleeps.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Sleepwear

First and foremost, you have to check on the fabric that a particular sleepwear may have. Cottons are the most comfortable ones while laces, silks and knits are also available. If you are used to a particular fabric type, it would be better to stay on those sleepwear most of the time although you can still try to have others still, depending on the temperature and maybe occasion. The best sleepwear for women would be the one that they would be relaxed to sleep in. No matter how sexy or fashionable your sleepwear maybe but can’t really find that good night sleep, then that would just ruin your night. Wearing too baggy clothes doesn’t also mean that they are great for snoozing, the same thing with those tight wears that might give you discomfort and sleepless nights.

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