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Must Have Retro Sneakers


Spoil your man a bit with these retro sneakers from Alpine Swiss

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Men just love shoes, as a matter of fact; most of them would love to have different styles for different occasions as much as possible. Although there are so many stylish shoes that are new in the market, having a pair of some old school is still in demand. So how about some cool retro styled sneakers on his special day?

The Alpine Swiss Stefan Suede Trim Retro sneaker offers men with different colors that are absolutely must have. It comes in Navy, Black, Red, Gray and White. This gives men a lot of options to choose from and since it doesn’t cost as much as the other branded names, they can actually get two or more pairs.

Its upper sole is made of nylon and suede which looks very stylish. It’s a low top sneaker which makes it look good on jeans as well as sports or cargo shorts. Wearing these sneakers together with the most comfortable outfit will surely make your man look good on it.

Its laced up design and faux leather trim are what makes this retro sneaker look fashionable. It also is padded on the inside for added comfort for long hours of use. The most popular color, the Navy Blue, is best for men who wanted to sport casual attire for the day. The shoe is lightweight and can still boost your man’s height with half inch from the toes and ¾” from the heels.

Different sizes are available to choose from, however, Alpine Swiss does not offer half sizes. This means that its best to round up your size to make sure it fits just right. The name Alpine Swiss is looks great on the other side of each shoe. It adds up to the retro style which looks very attractive. So if you think that you man will love this shoe, which I know he will, get this as a birthday gift for him. Just make sure you check on his other pairs at home so that you can consider other colors that he may not have still such as the Gray and the Red one which also looks cool just like the rest.

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