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Floor Rug Carpet Alarm! Wow!


Literally get on your feet every morning to beat this rug alarm clock!

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Waking up early in the morning is really sometimes hard especially in nice cold weathers. It was a struggle that I have to keep up with while I was still studying, working and until I became a mom, it just never ends. However, we usually find ways to wake up on time by setting up an alarm using alarm clocks or even our mobile phone. But trust me, there would always be moments where in you would put it into snooze and just continue to have a good sleep.

Beat the Snooze

It’s really amazing how people can do so many innovations nowadays that would either make things easier or more effective. I mean who would have thought that you could actually make a rug with a built in alarm clock and makes you step on it in order to stop the alarm? The Ruggie Alarm Clock is definitely one clever product! Users can set the time that they need to get up obviously and when its time, the rug would make a loud noise which you can only silence by stepping on it.  You would need to put a pressure on it for at least 3 seconds or more, depending on your preferences, which means that you really have to stand on it to make it stop. In that case, the rug can make sure that you really are out of the bed!floor-mat-alarm-clock

It’s perfect for everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, a teenager or a kid, the Ruggie Alarm Clock would really work. Users can even preset their favorite music for the alarm and feel good the moment they wake up. This can be done by connecting the Ruggie alarm clock via USB and save your wake up song.ruggie-floor-mat-alarm-clock

I would really want to try this for my kids as they are usually having a hard time waking up every morning for school. For other mom’s you would even experience carrying them to the kitchen at times when even the alarm clocks won’t work on them. It would be a nice and unique birthday gift for any of your friends and family which I’m very positive that they’ll love or maybe find really entertaining to use.

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