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No Mess, Hangable Kids’ Cup.


No more cluttered cups all over the house with Puj PhillUp cups

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For most parents, training your kids to fix their own stuff is a real struggle especially for beginners. Aside from the many toys that are usually scattered all over the house, one of the usual as well would be their drinking cups. And since everybody needs a good amount of drink all throughout the day, you will most probably be washing more than 3 to 5 times a day after they use it, not to mention where you can collect them after drinking!

Simple and Functional

The Puj PhillUp hangable kid’s cup is the first in the world! Many would find its design simple yet it provides a great function for both parents and their children. The cups are BPA & PVC free which makes it safe for children to use. The size is also great for those little hands while the amount of liquid it can hold is just enough whenever they feel thirsty. The cup comes with a hook that has 3M adhesives; it sticks on most surfaces such as glass, tile, metal as well as fiberglass and guarantees that it will not leave any permanent damage.

The cups are also dishwasher safe so it saves moms a lot of time keeping them clean. Using these hangable kids’s cup will definitely lessen the problem of used cup piling up every day all over the house,

Early Training

What makes the Puj PhillUp hangable kid’s cup extra helpful would be its color coded cups and hooks. Wherever you decide to stick them, the kids would be delighted to put their cups back by making sure they hang their cups to their matching colored hooks. I’m sure they would be the one to initiate putting them back right after cleaning the cups. Aside from this you can also promote more water intake for the kids which is good for their help as they are most of the time excited to use the cups; making it another great birthday gift idea for kids for their upcoming celebration!

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