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One of Kind Bird Feeder

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One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder – View birds closely while they dine!

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It’s sure a nice experience to feed your little feathered- friends every morning. However sometimes, things aren’t just as easy and nice, and you end up waiting for long hours to see them actually peck on their food. Good thing technology is progressive thus coming up with best ideas on how to make your little loves enjoy their meal is easy. One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder by Wind & Weather® shall be on your list for your beautiful bird’s essentials.

It has a one-way mirror that once you placed your little one inside, all it has to mind is to enjoy its bird food and no other else. No distractions, no hassles, just a moment of pure delight while munching on those tiny seeds as your pet only sees itself and its food inside. This bird feeder glass cage can hold up to 1 lb. of seed so filling it up again and again won’t be a problem. Cleaning is also done quickly and conveniently as the feeder is simple takes little time to be emptied and washed. What’s more to love? Of course add to its best features that this bird feeder allows you to witness your darling feed on, up close and personal as you just can stare at it all the time!

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