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Paint Like a Pro with Paint2It Pro


Painting job made easy with this no-spill tray and reusable paint liners

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Doing a slight makeover around the walls in the house sounds a great idea. There are times where in the usual white paint would look boring or too old and you just wanted a breath of fresh air. However, painting your own walls consumes a lot of time effort and you just end up not doing it at all. But what if there’s a solution for it after all?

The Paint2It Pro might be the answer to this problem. It is an Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette which means that the paint won’t spill even if you turn the tray 180 degrees. Sounds good? There’s more. Not only it makes the job easier and avoids the messy workplace with drips all over the floor, it can also hold 6 different colors of paint without mixing them all up. The tray can hold up to 12 oz of paint, enough for your brush roll or paint brush to be covered. And since you don’t need to carry the paint can with you all the time, it actually saves you more time on painting.

paint-2-it-anti-gravity-trayMost of the time, the men are the ones assigned to this task. And even though they are mostly proud of their job, they would still love to have more convenient tools to work with. I love to paint the house once in a while and my husband would usually do the hard parts of it. So when I saw this product, I knew that we needed it right away.

The Paint2It Pro is actually a great birthday gift for him or her. Especially when you ran out of some unique ideas and wanted something that’s really useful to give. Not only it saves time painting but also saves you money from not having paint wastage or even chemicals that you have to buy for removing drips on the floor.paint-2-it-anti-gravity-tray

Another great feature of the Paint2It Pro would be the liners that are reusable. After use, you can simply wash them right away and have it ready for next use. Decorating the house has never been easier with Paint2It Pro. For sure you’ll love to have your own as well of give it as a gift for someone else.

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