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Perfect Scoop for Every Ice Cream

cuisipro ice cream scoop

Stack your ice cream with this fun cylinder shaped scooper

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Aside from thanksgiving, birthdays are one of my favorite celebrations especially that I have two kids. And every time we celebrate, we would always make sure to have a nice cake and ice cream which our guests would really want to have all the time, and my kids too of course. When it comes to celebrating birthday for kids, this is the time where in the moms get to enjoy the preparation and all, starting with the decorations, food, games as well as prizes. While some of the foods are usual, you sometimes get to think of ways on how you can make the others special or unique. Luckily, I was able to get hold of these CuisiPro Scoop and Stack ice cream tool that would change the way we serve ice cream for the longest time.summer-icream-scoop-gift

The CuisiPro Scoop and Stack is an ergonomic scooper that gives out a nice cylinder shape of ice cream which makes it look like macaroons, especially if you have different flavors stacked. It can cut through the hardest part of the ice cream, with its stainless steel rim, which means that you don’t have to wait for it to soften before serving which makes it even more perfect. The cylinder shape of the ice cream makes it easy for you to stack one flavor after the other. It saves you the possibilities of dropping some ice cream on the floor as they would stay in place.cylindrical-ice-cream-scoop

It works by pressing the CuisiPro Scoop to the ice cream container and then lift. The ice cream is stuck inside until you press the button for easy release. It works great on cones as well as bowls too. You can even have them stacked in different colors or make some cool presentation such as topping it with cream and cherries or any that you may have. The CuisiPro Scoop and Stack comes in 3 different party colors that include green, pink and white.cuisipro-ice-cream-scoop

I got it as a gift from my co-workers since they know how much my kids love to eat ice cream. After that, I searched for it online and got 2 more for my sisters. They really loved it and I think they buy ice cream more often now. This unique ice cream scoop is a perfect birthday gift for women who may have kids at home. It’s also easy to clean after every use and is dishwasher safe.icream-scoop

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