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Pistol Gun in a Mug


Start your day full of action with this creative mug with a pistol gun handle

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Mugs have a lot of purpose other than sipping your hot coffee in it. Some use it for decorations, some as a desk organizer for pens while most of the times they are a popular choice for gift giving. There are also people who collects them especially those with special prints of characters, places and even names. And since there are so many things that a mug can be, let’s look at this one special mug that you wouldn’t see that often.

Please don’t shoot!

Nope, it’s not a gun but it looks like one, at least for the handle. This black mug is definitely one of the most creative I’ve ever seen. The body of the mug may look like any ordinary ones but the handle makes it really attractive, especially for men I guess. The mug only weighs 0.55 kg and is made of ceramic. It can hold 350 ml of liquid which makes it a perfect size for a morning cup of coffee or

Unique Present

I know a few men who love to go shooting and hunting. And I think that this would be a perfect birthday gift for men who are inclined to those kids of hobby. Although some may still find it unique, it would definitely be a great idea for anyone who just simply loves to sip on a different kind of mug or maybe loves to collect some. I even imagined it best when serving coffee to your family and friends and handing them the mug as if holding a gun to your hands, some may even raise their hands and it would be best to say “freeze” to add humor.gun-mugs-unique-creative-mugs

This unique and creative pistol gun handle mug is well made and looks great in black. Holding it in your hands makes your fingers fit right in to the trigger. Just have to make sure you don’t just bring it anywhere or the police might think that you are up to something when instead, you just want to have a nice cup of hot coffee.pistol-coffee-mug-gift

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