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Lightweight Trekking Cook Set


Set your next outdoor activity with this multipurpose trekking cook set!

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For those people who love to do outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, making sure that you will still be able to prepare your food is very important. Aside from the many tools that you need to bring, it is essential that you also invest on a quality cook set that’s safe for food and is multipurpose.

Portability and Usability

Of course there is always the option of bringing easy-to-open cans when doing an overnight stay at a camp or trekking site, but being able to reheat them or better yet cook something makes the experience even more complete and rewarding. This 5-Piece Trekking Cook Set from Esbit is a must have for any adventurer. It is made of extremely light and hard anodized aluminum that’s perfect for traveling. It only measures about 10 inches in height which makes it very easy to put inside your bag. The cook set includes everything that you’ll ever need such as the brass alcohol burner, 2 cook pots, a stand, a solid fuel base and a mesh carry bag. The larger pot has a volume indicator which makes it a perfect tool if you wish to make some soup or boil water. The smaller pot on the other hand, can be used for reheating pre packed foods or as a lid for the larger pot.

Safety and Durability

Both pots have a foldable handle so it would be easy to store them anywhere when not in use. Its burner features a variable flame regulator for safety as well as sealable screw top that works as a hold for the fuel. This portable and light weight cook set weighs about 15 ounces but can be used for a long time as it is made of quality materials.

I find this item really useful especially to those who travel outdoors a lot. My husband would usually join his friends when hiking or biking and would usually spend the night with his group. This trekking cook set is great birthday gift idea for men who loves outdoors and wanted to be prepared all the time. Match it with some cool outdoor gears and surely your man would be glad to receive it.

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