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Portable Turntable for Listening Pleasure


Do the old fashioned way of listening to music…

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I remember my first reaction when I got my first iPod years ago, I find it really small yet it can store a lot of music. Growing up, my parents would let us listen to old music through their cassette tapes and some vinyl records from my grandparents.  However, technology did a lot of changes and who would have thought that some small devices can handle as much data that our cassettes or vinyl were capable of before.

So here we are, getting the latest in technology, upgrading our devices memory capacity and things just get better. But have you notice that some of the old stuff is actually making a comeback? Say for example this Crosley Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, not only is the vinyl back in most record stores but also the player itself. I’m not good at being keen on its features or specifications but one thing I know about turntables would be that they are classic and romantic. Blame it on the old movies that used to play them while a couple is having their slow dance.

The Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable is best for traveling as it is made of lightweight material in a briefcase style. It already has its built in speaker so you are not required to get another external speaker. The turntable’s mechanism which is belt-driven also has a manual return tone arm; it plays 3 speeds which is what most available records are.

It comes with an AC adapter and has an RCA audio out as well as Headphone jack. Use it as your portable player for any audio devices or mp3 players as well wherever you may be with its two full range stereo speakers that are built-in on the Crosley Cruiser portable turntable.

This turntable also comes in different colors that may suit your room’s theme or maybe your favorite color. It’s available in red, black, green, blue, pink and even a Disney theme. And if you are looking for some great birthday gift ideas, this could be something that you could consider whether for your family members or friends.

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