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Pour it Out in a Wine Glass…


Good Day – Bad Day – Don’t even ask wine glass

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It’s quite funny but somehow insensitive to ask your close workmate how his day is going if in fact from afar you can even see his super twitched brows and tiger-eyes. Come on- you need not ask anymore, do you? However just in case you still want to be a little updated of how he’s day is almost every day, then why not give him a gift. Good Day- Bad Day- Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass will help you determine his mood condition if his gestures and expressions are a little incoherent so long as you are both officemate since the measurements are actually etched. It’ll never wear off and it’s always easy to wash.

birthday-gift-wine-glassSo the next time you see him holding the wine glass and he fills it on the Good Day level, approach him and just maybe you’ll be one of those invited few who get to celebrate his promotion. But if the liquor’s on the Bad Day fill, be extra sensitive. If he fills ‘till Don’t Even Ask, then might as well be sympathetic and fill your own wine glass up to the same level! This wine glass will totally be your guide on decoding what’s his mood for the day, plus it saves you time and energy to even ask.

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