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Maximize Space and Add Style with a Corner Wall Mount Shelf

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furniture birthday giftHaving a small house or apartment prevents one from adding a lot of furniture. You have very limited space that the best thing to do is to be practical and use your resourcefulness to make your humble abode comfortable and attractive at the same time. This is where corner wall mount shelves come in.

These little additions to your rather small and bare corners can revamp the overall look and feel of your home. You’ll have space to display your photographs, figurines, and other trinkets without worrying about it eating more space. Not only that but they can also add color and style to your home.

This large corner wall mount shelf has a dimension of 7.75×7.75×48.5 inches and is made of MDF and laminate. It’s also very easy to assemble and hang, using only two nails or screws. It’s available in black, grey, walnut, white, oak, and light wood. It’s the perfect alternative to those shelves which consume more space than necessary. This corner wall mount shelf makes an ideal gift to couples who just moved in to their new house as well as to those who simply need a shelf to display their belongings without eating much space.

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