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Professional Camera Lens MUG


A travel mug that’s a camera lens replica, see for yourself to believe!

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Camera Lens Mug. Wait, WHAT?
With so many smartphones available nowadays, you would think that almost all people have turned their back to old school photography. But the truth is, many are still choosing the quality of DSLRs over mobile phones if they have the chance. It captures better and produces quality photos which make it still the best choice for most professionals.

If you love to travel and take photos or know someone who does, this Caniam Camera Lens Travel Mug is a sure hit. It looks exactly the same as a typical camera lens only inside, it could be coffee, tea or water; whichever you prefer to drink. It holds about 8 ounces of liquid which could either be hot or cold. For hot drinks, you will still be able to hold the mug perfectly because of its quality insulation while it also keeps the drink warmer longer than other travel mugs. The travel mug won’t spill the drink as it has a secured lid to hold everything inside, making every sip just

Holding the mug also feels exactly the same as the real ones. And because of its edges, you also avoid the mug from slipping from your hands. The mug is made of food grade ABS, silicone and stainless steel material which makes it rust proof. If you place this mug beside a real camera lens, surely you’ll have a hard time guessing which one’s the replica, just has to check lid to know. The slide sip on the top is also great. Just imagine other people watching you sip from your camera lens, it’s absolutely hilarious. With that said, this replica mug makes it a great gift idea not only for travelers or photography enthusiasts but for everyone who would love some humor for a gift. This could be a perfect birthday gift for women or men who love to sip coffee at work

The mug comes in a box which is great for wrapping it as birthday presents. It’s an excellent gift for people who love to drink at work or even at home and loves to have some attention while sipping in this unique replica mug.

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