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A Skeleton Skull Mask For Hunting or War Games

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Birthday gift for all boys out there!
A skeleton designed full face mask is a fun and thrilling birthday present that is perfect for him – your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, officemate, or gym buddy. Men love to go on a full battle gear when they are off to some extreme activities, such as paintball game wars, airsoft games, or outdoor hunting sports. This full face mask with a death skull bone look is a great addition to the whole outfit. Not only he can scare his opponents away, but wearing this mask can also protect his face. It’s a protective gear cum costume that he can also use for the Halloweens.

The good thing about this war game mask is that it is made of materials that have no smell, free of any poisonous chemicals, and friendly to the environment. The belts can be adjusted to keep the mask in a perfect fit for the face. Thus, if you want to surprise him for his birthday, gift him with this Coxeer M02 deluxe outdoor hunting and war game full face skull mask so he can brave the outdoors and put his game face on.

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