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Fast solutions for Busy People – by Kay Newton & Pat Duckworth

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This blog article is written by Kay Newton.

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to buy a gift for someone in a hurry and yet have no idea what to choose or where to begin? Have you ever been in the situation where someone has bought you a hideous gift and you are just not quite sure what to say? Does either of these situations make you squirm? Then Pat Duckworth and I may have an answer for you. Over the past 55 years, I have attempted to give the best gifts I can for the right occasion. I have not always got it right. I remember one wedding event where each of the 20 guests bought a photo frame, including me. I was completely red faced by the time my gift was opened last!

I can also say, hand on heart that my family have not been the best gift buyers of all time. My husband is loving, kind and generous in many ways, yet when it comes to buying me gifts he really struggles. My two grown boys follow their father’s lead and over the years, gift giving became a time of dread instead of happiness. I really got fed up with a gift voucher and a shoulder shrug as a way of explanation. I also hated having to stand there and say thank you, when all I wanted to do was cry. I know I am not alone.Quick-Fix-For-Giving-Glorious-Gifts

Fortunately a cup of coffee and a conversation with my good friend Pat, meant the giving and receiving issues I have faced in the past are now well and truly behind me. Together we collaborated to write the ‘Quick Fix For Giving Glorious Gifts’ kindle book. It makes the gift buying process faster, you can get it right each time and rid yourself of embarrassing situations forever!

The book describes how to understand which dominant sense the recipient uses, for example, a visual person will love colors and brightly wrapped gifts, whilst a tactile person will love the feel of the package and gift more than what it looks like. It sounds a simple solution, yet one we can often forget when under pressure. Pat and I also talk about the ‘Five Love Languages’, first developed by Gary Chapman. Some people love a physical gift, whilst others prefer quality time together, or for you to do something for them, to touch them and cuddle them or just tell them how much they are loved. By adding both ‘dominant sense’ and ‘love language’ together you can begin your gift search much more confidently.

We then take this a step further and make suggestions as to what will make the perfect gift for your loved one so that you don’t even have to think!  We have also included a few extra freebies. One I use constantly myself is the A4 pdf printed sheet combining ‘senses and language’, which allows me to see immediately where I need to start gift searching.

If you are someone who usually struggles to find a nice gift then this book is for you and if you know of family members who struggle to buy meaningful presents then why not buy them this book as a gift.

Kay is originally form Yorkshire, England and is now currently enjoying her dream life of residing in a beach hut on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania with her husband of 25 years. You can follow her blog at QUICK FIX FOR.

“2016 was my best family Christmas by far. I bought the family a group experience. On the 29th of December, we all took the day out together in Cape Town, South Africa, to do a tandem parachute jump. It is something none of us will ever forget during our lifetimes.”Kay-enjoying-her-sky-jumping

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