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Rainbow Vision Sand Picture – Deep Sea Moving Sand Art


A stunning, novel and cool birthday gift for your boss! Go team!

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Sand pictures have been around for years and have been one of the most fascinating interactive works of art that you bring home and feel closer to nature. With every turn of your sand picture, you will see different sand formations that are both unexpected and mesmerizing. However, you must be warned that watching it could be very addictive.

A Piece of Art

Sand pictures are free to do what they want to while the viewer will always find it unique as a single sand picture will never have the same picture for as long as they have it. Depending on the color of the sand that is used, you can witness it forming different sizes of mountains or valleys highlighted by the colors and giving you a beautiful view.moving-sand-art-picture-1

Makers of these moving sand arts take time to decide the colors of the sand that should go together so that every turn will give you a new picture to appreciate.

How sand pictures works?

The key ingredient aside from the carefully selected sand would be the air bubbles. This serves as the barrier for the sand and the water. Depending on the amount of air, it will determine the flow of the sand to slow or fast. Some may take a few numbers of days to fully create a full masterpiece while a faster flow of sand can create one in less than a day. Watch your moving sand art form dunes with a nice blend of colors.

It’s Very Relaxing

Aside from the fact that it may get your attention to watch the sands flow, placing it on your desk at the office or even at home provides a relaxing feeling for both adults and children. It makes a great birthday gift idea for anyone who loves nature and art at the same time. For some who have never seen one before, they will surely appreciate having this as a centerpiece at home and watch it recreate views with every turn.

This Rainbow Vision Sand Picture with Deep Sea Pacific theme comes in a circular black frame. It will easily compliment most house or office design and is absolutely entertaining to watch.

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