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Realistic Mouth Mover Mask


Animal mask that moves as you talk, perfect for costume and parties!

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A mask with movable mouth!! There are different kinds of mask that one can use depending on who they wanted to be or the occasion that they may be celebrating. While some looks very realistic, it would still be best if you get the type where in the mouth of the mask also moves while you speak. Otherwise, it would just be like the others that make your voice sound funny when talking behind it.

The Mouth Mover Mask by elope is an original design that is available in different designs. It has Pug, Fox, Tiger, Black Panther, Dalmatian and others. What makes it really interesting would be the fact that when you talk, the mask also moves. Its support on the jaw moves together with the jaw line which makes the mask look like talking as well.pug-moving-jaw-dog-mask

The Mouth Mask Mover has back straps to make sure that it doesn’t move while wearing it. It is made of 100 percent polyester and very comfortable to use. To be able to see while under it, a black mesh is placed on the eye part of the mask so that you can still see clearly.panther-moving-jaw-mask

Having this for a birthday party is really nice as most kids would love to see animals in action! And what more could they ask for when they see that the mask actually moves it mouth as it speaks. I’d love to consider this as a birthday gift for boys as they love to play this kind of games although most adults would love to try it on too!dalmation-dog-moving-jaw-mask

The mouth mover mask more or less measures about 56 cm; it fits most heads for 14 years old and above. The total length of the mask is somewhere around 7.5 inches which will fit just right for teenagers. It could also be a great idea to use it on Halloween or any costume parties that you will be going to. Surely they will be amazed on how the mask is carefully designed in to details and still be able to talk and see clearly. This mouth mover masks are designed to fit most heads. And since it easy to clean, you’ll be able to wear it again in no time.’

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