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Recycled Bin for Everyday Use

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Carry your grocery paper bags in style with this reusable bin from RE.BIN

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One of the problems that our world is suffering from today is managing our waste specially those plastic made that we greatly depend on. There have been many programs aiming to provide solution in this never ending problem only it seems that it needs a lot of cooperation from all the people all over the world. However, there are also some organizations with great intentions, and by simply creating products that can help, it somehow helps reduce the problem.

A recycled reusable bag

Whenever we shop for our weekly groceries, most would provide paper bags for the items. But as much as we want to contribute to reducing plastic usage, some paper bags are just not enough to hold heavier products. Some may have their own eco bags with them while some may still use plastic bags in order to support the paper bags.recycle bin trash bin recycle

The RE.BIN is made of recycled plastic that can be reused when you are doing grocery or even as a normal bin at home. A standard paper bag would easily fit in this reusable bin so you can place it in your car whenever you do your groceries or at home to put in some of your shopping bags and don’t want them cluttered on the floor.

Modern and Sleek Design

The RE.BIN comes in color black which makes it great to have around for both men and women. It is made of 100% recycled polypropylene and can hold 25 liters or 7 gallons of weight. It measures 13.51 x 8.66 x 17.44 which makes it a great display at home or have it stored under most cabinets as well. It has a matte texture and a finger proof finish so you can make sure it that it would always look neat regardless of what’s inside the bin.

A unique gift

Items that are made out of recycled materials help our environment a lot. If you are in for this movement, you can consider this RE.BIN as unique birthday gift for someone who would appreciate and find a need for it as well. The person that will be receiving this will definitely find a good use for it and hopefully be able to share on how we can reuse products and recycle as well.

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