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Rubber Tentacle Finger Puppets

Set of Ten Rubber Finger Tentacle-Puppets

It’s perfectly okay to be silly and have fun on certain occasions!

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I definitely have a passion for birthdays as you would have noticed and I just really find it exciting when I see something nice that would make any occasion even more special or fun. I came across these finger puppets and I instantly thought of having it for a birthday parlor game. Taking turns to insert every single tentacle on the player’s hand and taking them off again, with no help that is, seems to be exciting. The rubber tentacles looks very realistic and measures 8 inches long, now that’s really long enough to scare or trick other kids too although they are actually more fun to play with. It’s made of soft rubber material that’s cool to touch and squeeze. Its detailed suction cups will make you wonder if they were chopped from a real octopus.

Aside from having this as a birthday gift for kids or as a party game highlight, it could also be a great costume for Halloween. Use it together with your octopus costume or pretend to be a witch and have these tentacles instead of long and pointed nails. And since it comes with a touch of pink and red, it would be a great accessory to your other costumes as well. I remember having candy tapes that we used to roll in our fingers when we were younger. We would usually pretend to have long nails with my friends and eat them all up later. These tentacles remind of those days as they look like yummy treats too.rubber finger tentacle birthday gift for kids

Since the package contains 10 tentacles for each finger, you can make sure that all your fingers are covered. It is also an affordable gift idea so getting more than just one set is better. The tentacles can also be washed easily and just let them dry. To avoid younger kids for mistaking it as a gummy candy, the product is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Use these octopus tentacles for any occasion that you may have at home. It will be a sure hit whether you use it as a costume and have it as a part of an activity. If you wanted to surprise someone on their birthday, give it to them as a birthday gift and I’m sure they’ll love it too.

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