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Sammies Lettering


Get to know & support a hard working creative couple and their gift shop!

If you are looking for a nice birthday gift – make sure to first take a look at “Sammies Lettering” gift shop on Etsy. You are sure to find something that’s fun, thoughtful and easy to personalize – all in budget! Grab a satisfying gift for your loved one and at the same time encourage/help a small business grow. Samantha and David together owns their gift shop since 2014 with dreams of growing their business to a brick and mortar shop in beautiful Ohio. Share the story and do your part… 🙂

About Sammies Lettering:

By Samantha, Founder, Sammies Lettering
My husband and I would like to take a moment, and share our small business with you. In 2014 I started this business out as a hobby, to make extra money to be able to have a monthly family date. It quickly grew into so much more than a hobby, and became my husband and I’s full time job. Our business started out in the kitchen of our home, and is now located in our basement. Our business is what takes care of our family, our two little boys.

Our business is located in Marion, Ohio. Our dream is to one day have a brick and mortar shop, so that we can hire locals, and be able to contribute to our community. My husband and I, together are the perfect team! He excels in areas of the business that I don’t (graphic design, shipping, inventory management, etc). I excel in other areas that he don’t (marketing, customer service, sales goals, reports, etc). Together we are our company. We have a passion for what we do. We work super hard, day in and day out. During our peak seasons, we work 18-20 hour days to make sure all of our items arrive to our customers on time, and most importantly so we can offer great customer service all around. This business is our life, it’s our baby. My husband and I truly love what we do. When we make these items, we laugh and come up with silly slogans, such as: Couples that craft together laugh together…and…We learn as we go! We learn as we grow!best birthday gift for BFFOn our Etsy shop, we have 11,118 sales, out of those sales we are ranked at 4.9 stars out of 5 stars, we have a total of 2593 reviews. Our customers are our number one. Our top priority is offering our customers with the highest of quality handmade products, as well as great customer service. We want our customers to keep spreading a positive word about our business. We strive for excellence. During our almost 3 years of business, we have learned a lot. We have made mistakes. We have shipped items to the wrong addresses. We have had mishaps. We’ve learned our customers understand, that we aren’t perfect, and they still love us. We’ve learned that communication between you and your customer our very important. Most importantly we’ve learned new ways to improve our business for our customers.birthday gift basket We love reading our reviews. Some have made us laugh, some have made us cry, and others have let us know that we are doing a great job, and that we are bringing smiles to other families through our gifts. Once again, we work extremely hard at making sure our business continues to grow. We also work extremely hard at offering great customer service, and high quality handmade products. We are proud to be from Ohio, and hope to one day have a brick and mortar shop in this beautiful state. We would love nothing more than to hire locals, and give back to our community. We currently help out with community based fundraisers, benefits, and events, adopting a family at Christmas, but have a dream of doing more.

About our gifts:
We personalize coffee mugs, baby bottles, sippy cups, acrylic tumblers, hammers, signs, shadow boxes, car decals, interior/exterior decor decals, and so much more. Our items are personalized using a professional grade of vinyl, and our items are then sealed for a smooth to touch surface. We have over 200 items in our Etsy shop, we have several great birthday gifts, and several gifts that would be great for just about anyone, or any occasion. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we do custom work/designs as birthday gift for friendsIf you are looking for a great unique sentimental gift, we have you covered. We gift wrap each handmade item, so that our gifts are ready for immediate gifting when they are received. We love taking the time to gift wrap each item that leaves our shop, because to us it’s a simple way of saying “thank you”.. When you shop with us you are truly shopping “small”, and when you shop small, you help to build BIG dreams.

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