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Say I Do to this Solitaire Ring Mug


A 2-Carat Cup Solitaire Ring Mug For the Precious Birthday Celebrant

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Who says drinking coffee is an ordinary thing? Make someone else’s coffee drinking experience extra special by gifting him or her with this 2-Carat Cup Solitaire Ring Mug from Fred and Friends. It has a large golden ring with a Swarovski crystal accent to make it appear that the drinker is wearing this ring while holding on to the mug. The mug looks sleek with its glossy white ceramic finish. No worries on stains because the mug is convenient to clean through hand washing to maintain the sparkle on the ring handle.

When you give this as a birthday present to your spouse or partner, or even to a family member, relative, friend or colleague, they will surely smile at the humor veiled in this mug. The mug is placed in a box that has an extra-large, velour-lined jewelry-style package. As you hand over your gift, lift the lid of your jewelry box and tell your loved one to slip her finger on the ring and she’ll be surprised to get a whole mug instead, and will have a good laugh at this trick.

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