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Set Your Wallet on Fire with this Flaming Wallet …

magic wallet for birthday gift boyfriend

Watch funny reactions from people when they see your wallet burning

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Magic tricks has really evolved to what used to be simple to a much complicated nowadays. In fact, as much as we enjoy watching magic shows with new tricks, watching how it’s done or the secret behind it is also very interesting. It used to be our fathers or great grandfathers who usually show us some of the oldest trick when we were younger, but now, even the younger generations are very interested on doing their own magic tricks as well.

The Burning Wallet

Imagine paying at a restaurant after having a good meal, you get your bill and you take out your wallet to take some cash. However, the moment you open it, fames burst out of your wallet; what do you think would be their reaction?

The Empire Magic Flaming Fire Wallet is one of the best fire wallets that you can get if you wanted to use this for your magic tricks. Unlike most ordinary men’s wallet, this has two flaps; one would look like a typical wallet with card slots and even inserts for photos while the other flap has two pads where in you have to put your lighter fluid. Beside the pads would be a flip mechanism that you have to strike as if igniting your lighter. This then will set your wallet on fire, close the wallet and the flaming stops.magic wallet for boyfriend

The lighter fluid will stay on the pads for about 10 to 15 minutes and will still work for a great magic show. Just remember to get a good lighter fluid to use and must be used with caution all the time.

Awesome Magic Trick

The flame wallet has been around for quite some time but not all people know how it works. It makes a great birthday gift for men who likes to play tricks whether at home or for show. This wallet with flames wills definitely be the talk of the town and it never fails to surprise people who sees it. You may even want to use it as a flaming wallet prank to your friends although they would most probably ask where you got it and would also get one for themselves.

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