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Pomona Direct Watercolor Pencils

48 watercolor pencils that sets the mood for making a masterpiece

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I may not be an artist in nature but when I see crayons, markers or any other coloring materials, there is only one thing for me to do and that is to draw or sketch something and hope that I could create my own masterpiece. And although I haven’t made one yet, I still don’t lose hope especially when there are so many things that can give you motivation to do so.

Pomona Direct Watercolor Pencils are great coloring materials that both adults and kids would love to use. It contains 48 different watercolor pencils that helps you be able to explore different colors and make detailed drawings as well. This color set can be used wet or dry. This would let you use it for painting, sketching and more by just using watercolor.watercolor-pencils

Keeping the watercolor pencils in place is also not a problem as it comes in a canvas wrap that looks very neat and keeps them all together and sorted out. It even gives the user a professional artist look because of its design which is what I really liked about it too. It also has additional art supplies that are very useful such as sharpener, eraser as well as blending brush. The only thing that you need to have would be the paper that you need to use for your

It makes a nice birthday gift for sisters or brothers who would appreciate art. Nevertheless, give it to the kids on their birthdays and surely they will immediately look for a table where they can start using it right away! During birthday parties, you can also have this as part of the activities to keep the children busy and do something that’s really creative.  Not only they get to enjoy what they do but also help them develop skills instead of just playing around.pomona-watercolor-pencils

Coloring is a fun activity that can be shared with friends and the whole family. Even adults would surely love to join the activity, and who knows, maybe they haven’t outgrown their fondness of coloring ever since they were still kids.


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