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Silicone Paper Towel Holder


Give your kitchen a fashionable and beautiful silicone holder!

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Keeping your kitchen tidy all the time requires a lot of work especially if you are the only one who’s cleaning it. For most moms, especially those with kids at home, the kitchen would usually look like a mess as they may not have enough time to sort everything every day. Aside from having kitchen cloths that are also useful in almost every way, we often use paper towels too to help us with wiping the mess and drying kitchen wares. And without a proper place or dispenser, it tends to roll off the counter or maybe find you kids playing with it as well.

The wonders of paper towel dispensers

Nowadays, you would often see paper towel dispensers in different style, size and color. I for one have tried some of them and I find them very useful not only for hiding them, so that the kids won’t waste them, but also for having a better kitchen look as they are not just scattered on the counter. However, I found this particular product that’s really interesting as it conceals the whole roll of the paper towel.silicone-paper-towel-holder

This particular paper towel dispenser is made by Siliconezone for their Karim Collection. It comes in color blue and white and is made of silicone. At first, I was wondering how it would be able to hold a paper towel roll if it’s made of soft material. Later on, I found out that it has an adjustable inner holder that can accommodate a standard sized paper towels that you can usually buy from the groceries.

Life made easy

By removing the top part of the dispenser, you will be able to put the paper towel inside and seal them in. you would just have to pull the sheets when you need them then it becomes like a sophisticated kitchen décor and won’t give any hint until you need some paper towels to use. It is guaranteed to stay in place as it has a suction cup underneath which gives it a levitating effect looking from afar. It also makes a great birthday gift idea for moms as they would surely love how neat their kitchens would be using this dispenser.fashionable-paper-towel-holder

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