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Slim minimalist wallet


Andar Wallet features a slim design with RFID Blocking that’s perfect for travelers

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Its bothering how someone can easily acquire your personal information by just using some special gadgets. This has been very common almost everywhere and its alarming that your bank cards are very vulnerable. It’s a good thing thought that they have also come up with solutions that could provide protection. And these wallets with RFID are definitely of great help.

RFID Blocking

I’ve seen this many times on TV on how thieves can easily get your credit card information just by going near you and using their devices to scan your bank information through RFID. We thought that it wouldn’t be possible before but it’s really happening now. This Andar Leather Slim Wallet with RFID Blocking is a great product to keep your information secured. By blocking the radio waves, it will keep all your credit cards with RFID chip

Slim Design

Now that you have peace of mind, you also have to make sure that your wallet with RFID blocking can also function as designed. This Andar Leather Slim Wallet can accommodate cards, cash and even some receipts. It can carry more than 10 cards which can be placed in both front and back side of the wallet aside from its 7 easy access card slots. The middle pocket is large enough to hold your cash and even add some more cards or important

Its slim and no fold design makes it easy to fit both front and back pockets without being bulky or lumpy. It measure 4″ x 3 1/4″ x 1/8″ which makes it a perfect fit for most standard pockets for men’s clothing. It’s actually a great birthday gift idea for men who wanted to upgrade and keep his information safe while still getting a minimalist design.

Premium Leather

The wallet is also made of full grain leather that not only makes the wallet looks classy but also sturdy. The Andar Leather Slim Wallet also comes with Unconditional Warranty which guarantees replacement or full money refund in case you are not happy with the product, which only means that you can depend on it and be able to feel secure wherever you go.slim-wallet-andar-men

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