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Smart phone watch for kids


Locate your kids easily with POMO Smart Phone Watch

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The world today is undeniably safe for our children unless parents are always on their side.  Surely, you heard stories of children being kidnapped, going missing, or sometimes being involved with different types of accidents.  As parents, we only wish one thing, to ensure that children are safe all the time. However, parents cannot always be around with their children, such that they need to go to work, and children are left at home or in school.  There are also times especially with older kids when they want to go to the park or mall and hang around with friends.  It would be awkward on their part when they are accompanied all the time with parents or nannies.pomo-kids-smart-watch

Smart Phone Watch for kids with smart locator can help you with that! One of the most popular manufacturer of Smart Phone watch for kids is POMO. The device comes in a lovely pink color which best fits to girls.  Such smart watch allows children to call their parents anytime they need their parents the most such as emergencies.  It also helps parents locate their children’s whereabouts.  Through this device, parents can monitor their children anytime even when they are at home, office, or

What makes it great is that, it alarms and get attention from others when the watch falls off from your child’s arm.  It even sends notification to parents.  The smart watch operates with Sim Card 2G: (GSM:850/900/1800/1900).  A data plan is also required to fully enjoy its

The smart watch is made of eco-friendly materials, which is 100% safe for your children to wear.  It comes with 400 mAh  Poly-Li battery and works with Locating Technology via GPS/A-GPS/Bluetooth 3.0. It can store data with its 32Mb ROM and 32Mb RAM.smartwatch-kids

Ideal gift for children ages 4 to 12, this smart watch is one of the must have gadgets.

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