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Spring Birthday Ideas

spring birthday gift ideas

Some birthday gift ideas for upcoming spring…

Ah, spring! A time of fresh starts, perfect weather, and (finally!) longer days. You probably have some spring birthdays in your life, and might be looking for gift ideas. People celebrating spring birthdays tend to me more optimistic, have more natural leader tendencies, and are more creative than people born during non-spring months (really! Google it!). There are many ways to celebrate the sunny spring lady in your life.

A Festive Wind Chime

Spring brings warmer weather, and with more daylight is more time to spend outside! Maybe your lovely lady likes to spend time outside enjoying nature, catching up on her reading, or simply relaxing with her favorite adult beverage. Treat her to this beautiful and rustic glass wind chime. Each chime is completely unique and hand-crafted in Bali, so your leading lady is getting a truly one of a kind gift!chimes birthday gift

For the gardner

Perhaps she’d rather spend her time outside planting her summer garden. But all the bending and stooping makes her ache! This gardening bench and tool set  is perfect for the woman who wants to keep her gardening tools organized (it comes with a new set!). The best part — IT DOUBLES AS A CHAIR! Her back is thanking you already.5 piece Garden Tool Set with Tote and Folding Seat

Beauty for a true beauty

Spring also ushers in nights perfect for a night on the town! Help your girl look her best with the colorful Karity eyeshadow palette. With 21 bright, highly-pigmented colors, she’s sure to love the range of looks she can do with this palette. Colors are buildable and blendable, so this palette is perfect for her work life and her fun life. The best part – the brand is completely vegan and cruelty free, so she can feel great about wearing it!Professional Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow Makeup Kit Set

Spring Birthstones

Is she a March birthday? Give her these stunning white gold and aquamarine earrings that celebrate her sparkle and let her show off her birthstone. April birthday? Celebrate her with a simple yet elegant diamond bracelet. Was she born in May? Perhaps she’d love a handcrafted Emerald Necklace that is delicate and perfect for everyday wear, and even comes with a cute description about May babies character traits, and can be purchased in either sterling silver or gold (available in all the other birthstones, too!).may birthstone pendant necklace

Book of Mazes

Maybe she’s a seeker of wisdom and would enjoy the challenge of this Book of Mazes,timed for those with an extra competitive edge! Also fantastic when traveling — inevitably there’s always time to kill during a layover or during a long flight.

Not your average carry-on

Speaking of the adventurous spirit, maybe your birthday girl travels frequently for work or pleasure (or both!) This studded leather backpackis a stand-out option to the traditional carry on bag. The best part is it comes in a bunch more colors!Dasein Buffalo Leather Studded Backpack

Luxurious Silk Scarf

Understandably your she might want something to reflect the bubbly spirit she is! A beautiful, 100% charmeuse Silk Scarf is perfect for a woman who wants a versatile piece, likes to accessorize, and appreciates a good pop of color! Some are even patterned after famous artworks, so she’ll look chic and sophisticated. And, it comes in a ton of other colors and patterns — so pick her up a couple!Wrapables-Luxurious-Charmeuse-Silk-Long-Scarf

Keep it together

Spring babies tend to be more creative than others, so help her keep those creative projects organized with this spectacular planner. It’s sturdy binding makes it easy to carry without fear of losing pages and torn covers (not that we EVER drop our planners, right?) It even has space to set long and short term goals, as well as daily and weekly plans. Oh, she’s like me and the “creative projects” haven’t left her brain yet? Here’s a book on painting to get her started.daily-planners-for-kids
Well — there you have it! Hopefully if you were stuck on what to get a special lady in your life for her spring birthday this gave you some ideas. Thanks for reading, and I wish you luck on your birthday gift shopping adventure!

I’m a twenty something full-time animal lover, makeup addict, Harry Potter nerd, and avid bookworm. I enjoy checking books of my never-ending reading list, writing, drinking coffee, and learning something new. I’m here to help you shift through the depths of the internet to find the perfect birthday gift for everyone you love! In addition to blogging for I also have my personal blog which you can check out here:

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