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Stained Glass Candle Holder

candle stand birthday gift

Keep the Flame Inside and Let the Colors Shine Through

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The space is dimmed and only the tiny flicker from the candle light up the corners of the room. The tints from the multi-colored stained glass candle holder create small patches of reds, yellows and blues around the area. What a way to set a quiet, serene ambiance out of a little, arty candle holder. It can radiate the warmth from the glow of the candle and convert it into a charming patchwork of colorful lights.

This candle holder from Linlins is made of metal, which comes in black or white color. The metal keeps the item in place and suspends the holder a few inches above the surface, creating a picture of a classic candle lantern with a modern touch. The many-hued glasses on all four sides provide an artistic, kaleidoscopic effect whenever one puts a lighted candle inside. Its overall form is a dainty functional decoration piece that can brighten up a kitchen top, a side table, or a working desk.

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