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Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

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Are you a fan of the American science fiction entertainment Star Trek? Star Trek Phaser Remote Control Replica is a perfect treat for yourself. This remote control allows you to feel the ambiance of the famous TV series. Included in this product is four memory banks. In each memory bank, it can recognize nine gestures, which means that the remote control can recognize thirty-six gestures all in all. What makes this remote control so much alike with the real prop in Star Trek is that it has authentic special sound effects. When you want to change the channel, a specific sound effects will be heard as you push the button.

One of its best features, aside from the authentic sound effects, is the multi-colored beam emitter on both Phaser I and Phaser II. With the sounds and lights, this remote control will bring you to the world you used to watch in television. You have nothing to worry because this artistically crafted phaser remote control can be used in any brand of television. It has uniquely designed protective transit case with a hidden magnet for extra careful protection purposes.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control 2

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control 3

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