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Star Wars Force Band


Control you BB-8 droid through gestures with this force band by Sphero

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Star Wars is one the biggest thing when it comes to movies, collectibles, toys, themes and so much more. When it comes to toys, there are just too many that one can collect and BB-8 is definitely a favorite especially for kids. My niece loves it so much that she actually collects anything that has its face on it.

I came across this Star Wars Force Band and though of her immediately. It would be a great match if you already have the Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot. Using the force band would let you use gestures that would let BB-8 move forward or backward. The Force pull and push can be done simply by a wave of your hand while these gestures can be mastered as you

The Star Wars Force Band can be connected via Bluetooth smart technology with 25 meter range. You can either walk beside your BB-8 or go for an adventure and control where it goes. Charging time through USB can be done in about 60 minutes, after which you can start mastering your skills and play with your BB-8 again.

Although it may same like a cute robot toy, the Star Wars BB-8 droid is not suitable for the young kids as well as the force band. Anyway, this item would be a great birthday gift for boys or girls who already have access to mobile phones as the droid comes with a downloadable app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app would let the user learn more about the different features of The Force, training for combat and Force

Its Droid Control Mode will let you use the Force to be able to Pull, Push and control the BB-8. On the other hand, be able to master the Jedi Knight abilities using the Force Training Mode. The Force Band can also help you collect digital holocrons which you can save in the mobile app. The band will tell you where to look for them and when you find one. There’s just so many that you can do with a simple band which makes it a great addition to your Star Wars collection!

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