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Starburst Chews 7LB Bag

birthday gift starburst candy fruit chews

Bag of Starburst Fruit Chews from Fast Fresh Nuts

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with this 7 lbs bag of Starburst fruit chewable candies from Fast Fresh Nuts. The candies are wrapped individually and packed in an unmarked factory bag that can be resealed. The package comes in four fruit flavors. Have some chewy cherry delight, zesty lemon leisure, tangy orange pleasure, and sweet strawberry decadence in original Starburst taste.

This bag is perfect for any party, whether you use these for games, for prizes or for gifts. It is something children and adults alike can enjoy, not just during trick or treat season but all year round. For only $25.95, the bulk bag of Starburst original fruit candies can be shipped for free within one business day to any destination in the US. It is a great buy that your family, friends or colleagues can enjoy. Go ahead and be a sweet tooth godmother to kids who would be thrilled to fill their pockets with the four candy flavors. Shower them with these Starburst chews to their heart’s content.

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